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The Faceless Woman

I am the faceless woman. I'm the woman you have seen over and over. I'm a wife. A girlfriend. A mother. A stepmother. An aunt. A grandma. A coworker. A secretary. A woman in the car next you at a redlight.

I am the partner of someone struggling with erecticle dysfunction.

I am writing this blog post to let you know you are not the only one out there struggling. This is a silent epidemic.

Just like politics at the holiday dinner table, we surely don't talk about male sexual dysfunction. Unless you're that couple in a Cialis commerical sitting in a bathtub in utter bliss.

What the commerical doesn't show are the tears, the frustration, the 'never minds' and silence that exists between couples when it comes to ED.

I'm writing under a pen name. I could be just about any woman you encounter. I'm happily married and a successful professional. Like my picture below, I have no face because I can be anyone.

Follow this blog for information related to ED, the release of my new book The Eggplant Diaries and a place where I'll post my thoughts, feelings, emotional checkins as my husband and I work through navigating the diagnosis of ED.

You are not alone.

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