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Aubreigh Hoffman


There's a reason I'm faceless. I could be anyone. I am anyone. 

I am a female who is living to learn with her husband's erectile dysfunction.

What makes me qualified to write this blog?


I have about five years of life experience of learning about erectile dysfunction. 

I have ten years worth of knowledge of non monogamy in a happy marriage.

I proudly have three diplomas framed in my living room.

I have a bachelor degree in education and two masters degrees;

one in education and one in counseling.

I have a lot of letters after my real name.

Aubreigh Hoffman is my penname.


I definitely don't want to be recognized.

I want to go grocery shopping without being noticed. I want to go on a cruise with my family without someone recognizing me. I want to just be me.


I do want my work to be published, my thoughts heard,

& someone out there to say "Girl, I hear you!" 

Stay tuned for more about my upcoming book, The Eggplant Diaries.


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